Different Styles of Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

The different styles of wedding videography

A wedding videographer plays a vital role in the wedding as the wedding video to most couples is the the most memorable item from the day of the wedding.  Videography doesnt only capture snapshots of the event as it unfolds but it tells a story about the day celebrated by the couple and their guests. Even with all the planning and arrangements that go into a wedding it’s not only up to the bride and the groom to make their moments memorable and ensure their beautiful love story is told but from the ideas of the videographer to ensure they capture a raw and authentic version of the couples story that speaks the true essence of their relationship.

Wedding Videographers and Studios

The marketplace for video production studios has grown both in size and performance . Studios have added other services like video distribution, video streaming and a production of niche videos like events such as weddings. In events like weddings, videographers play a vital role, not only to operate the camera during the marriage but they’re also responsible of the visual design and other technical aspects of the assembly. A professional and experienced videographer is creative, with a terrific eye for catching action, detail and beauty. With the introduction of digital media, wedding-videos have grown in recent years to encompass an outsized selection of video production offerings. What many couples don’t necessarily realise is that despite the many videographers listed online, there are various styles, its a personalised form of art with several very distinct styles suited to a particular taste therefore finding a videographer that suits your style and theme is very important.

Different Ways to make A Wedding Video

Documentary Style

A documentary style (or journalistic) wedding video, or a “documentary edit”, is essentially a play-by-play video of your wedding day’s events from start to finish, professionally edited in a way to engage the audience. It’s the traditional approach to wedding videos – a chronological exhibition of your wedding event, with all of those important moments seamlessly pieced together from the viewpoints of the different cameras used to record the day. Only the natural audio is used throughout the film, making you feel as though you’re a guest watching and hearing the events just as they happened.

Cinematic Style

As its name implies, cinematic wedding videography styles mimic the angles, transitions and filters of movies. Videographers who use this style, which is often combined with short form or storytelling, are less concerned with a linear timeline and more intent on capturing the overall themes and emotions of your wedding day. Some of the hallmarks of cinematic wedding videos are moving voice overs, aerial shots of your wedding venue, and the use of slow motion. A cinematic style wedding video displays a more artistic approach to filmmaking. It’s really a movie of your wedding day, complete with a well-chosen musical soundtrack, which can easily rival a Hollywood short film when done right. It’s not edited in completely sequential order, instead moving from scene to scene in order to tell a captivating, broader story of your day. For example, the film might start with a recitation of a reception toast, then move on to quiet scenes during morning preparations, then to heartwarming shots of the bride and groom repeating their vows. Then with the music’s tempo building, show the exciting grand entrance into the reception ballroom, then enthusiastic guest dancing as the music continues to escalate before ending with a romantic kiss during sunset photos. Importance is placed on the overarching theme, feeling and emotion of the day.

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